Régie de l’Eau (Belgium)

Abandoned water control center.

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3 responses to “Régie de l’Eau (Belgium)”

  1. carlo says :

    hallo, kunt u mij vertellen waar dit is? M.v.g. carlo@vanvlietsloopwerken.nl

  2. Anonymous says :

    Joseph Beuys is the name I was looking for. He comes from Düsseldorf. He is a Post-Modernist like you, like Andy Warhol,the name the New Yorker artist forgot., the one I met in Paris. He sat infront of Palais de la Decouverte and painted the Palace when I arrived . I showed him the sketch I made of Eifel Tower and felt like in the Paris of Somerset Maugham’s ‘Of Hman Bondage’, asked him ” Who is the most famous painter of America. Pollock , he said. And next best ? He couldn’t say. Andy Warhol?. O sure he was on the tip of my tongue,. He was the one who showed me Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau 20, my hotel room which was supposed to give me shelter for money but Chinese tourists took it , they were first there while I was lost in the Metro and came late, Um so besser, I wouldn’t have known otherwise how Paris looked like at night,and how ‘ les amants du Pont-Neuf ‘ made love under the moon-light by the river side.

  3. Anonymous says :

    And having written the above poem in prose , I returned to bed and made love to you. The atmosphere of love and art was restored.

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