Cooling T2 (Belgium)

Abandoned cooling tower somewhere in Belgium.

belgium, belgie, abandoned, verlaten, photography, fotografie, decay, urban, exploration, urbex, belgique, abandonnee, architecture, cooling, tower, koeltoren

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5 responses to “Cooling T2 (Belgium)”

  1. Cessen says :

    Woah… that’s incredible.

  2. Florian says :

    Amazing location! How do you find places like that? (In general, nothing too specific…)

    • telefunker says :

      A lot of Google, Google Earth, Bing Maps, reading Finance papers and magazines about bankruptcies, some help from colleagues and a loooooot of driving around places looking interesting (old industry zones that have lost their charm, etc.).

  3. uexplorer says :

    Wow fantastic place. Looks like a great place to photograph. Nice shots.

  4. sketchjay says :

    These are great!

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